Strange or Die! February Edition

Tonight! Witness the weird, wonderful world of Poor Brenton and friends. 7 PM at Volumes Bookcafe (1474 N. Milwaukee). A short film from Frank Pollard, weird history from Gordon Meyer, left field stories from the vaults of Poor Brenton, and a viewing of the seminal surrealist film, ‘Un Chien Andalou’.

Strange Or Die! January Edition

The new year is upon us. What better way to wash away the painful memories of the last year then to blast your beleaguered brain with two hours of twisted tittilation? Strange Or Die! is back, buddy! Join us at Volumes Bookcafe (1474 N. Milwaukee Ave.) on Tuesday, January 17th for this month’s iteration of Strange Storytelling, Perplexing Performances, and Phantasmagorical Film. We guarantee you will be bewitched, beguiled, and quite likely bewildered. This month’s edition will feature: A reading by Ben Spies, a glimpse at that one channel that is always scrambled, by Frank Pollard, and something completely different … Continue reading

Strange Or Die! New Monthly Strange Fiction Event

Is your normal, boring existence getting you down? Is there a lack of ichor and tentacles in your life? Were you disappointed when there wasn’t a secret message from the other side in your morning latte? Are you tired of literary events that don’t, not even once, mention aliens OR reptilians? Have we got a show for you. Join us at Volumes Bookcafe on Tuesday, October 18th, for an evening of strange presentations, including: readings, film, music, and always something you would never expect. This event is free. A dizzying selection of beverages both caffeinated and alcoholic will be available … Continue reading

Poor Brentons Almanac – Episode 4: Crib Keeper

Hello, survivors and shut-ins. Welcome back to the Bunker of Love. Had to take a couple months off, but I promise you this episode is worth it. Miles out in Lake Michigan there is one man who is responsible for the water supply for half of the city. When the infrastructure that keeps Chicago starts to break down, he has to fight for his life, as well as that of millions of people. Wait, what is that in the sky?

Poor Brentons Almanac – Episode 3: Voicemail

              Welcome back to the Bunker Of Love. I had an accident taking supplies down to the pump room. I fill you in on the gory details in this episode and tell the story of a cop that gets swept up in the madness surrounding the mysterious shrine.

Poor Brentons Almanac – Episode 2: Santo Asphaultum

In this weeks episode, we explore the mysterious hatch in the floor and visit a bus stop with a mysterious shrine. Other mysterious things will be mentioned, I’m sure. Lock up your hatches and check the air filters.

Poor Brenton’s Almanac Episode 1: Fitting In

Welcome home. It’s been a while, survivors and shut-ins.   After a number of tests and tweaks, episode one is ready for you to fall into.

Book Bugs

The first serious blow in the power struggle between hundreds of religious and political factions was not struck with a fist or a word or a bullet. It was not even a strike, it was a tiny thing that crawled on its belly and had a taste for literature.   Yes, surely for many years there had been autonomous viruses and guardian programs set to eradicate any bit of literature that differed from the viewpoint of the complex subroutine’s predetermined parameters.   Ah, see now, this little fellow sent out by the Mormons, from their moon base via microwave transmission. … Continue reading

Coming Into Pixels

There is one thing that seems to run through all of my work, your professor would call this a theme and I would call him pompous. I do not try to have it tie together all of my stories and drawings and paintings, it just ends up there. I don’t usually realize until I am halfway done with whatever it is and the lazy eyed cliche but unanswered question will twist out from the space between lines and relieve itself all over my hard work. How can humanity handle the balance between technology and nature? How long before they are … Continue reading


The engine of the Saturn surged as he put it into park, as if the last thing it wanted to do was stop in the dim lot of the amusement park. He’d never had sex before but he could tell he was going to. The girl beside him had been rubbing her legs together the whole ride from the pool hall, and her red skirt had worked its way up past her thighs.