Coming Into Pixels

There is one thing that seems to run through all of my work, your professor would call this a theme and I would call him pompous. I do not try to have it tie together all of my stories and drawings and paintings, it just ends up there. I don’t usually realize until I am halfway done with whatever it is and the lazy eyed cliche but unanswered question will twist out from the space between lines and relieve itself all over my hard work.

How can humanity handle the balance between technology and nature?

How long before they are one and the same?

The answer is 1993.


Yeah, these questions haven’t been brow-raising since the days when the government actually allowed people to protest, but they still stand; in the corner of every comic shop, computer repair store, cell phone kiosk; and in the glow on the face of every person at the coffee shop, ‘Getting Work Done’ on their laptops.

I wonder if she is noticing all the important work I am getting done. 

I’m going to focus on how we apply tech to ourselves in my next few posts. I will leave you with a vignette. And go back and put some humorous pictures between my paragraphs so this tiny essay will actually hold your attention.

Look. It moves.

A tumbledown storefront in Pilsen: thrub-dub-wubbing electric music, freshly downloaded after exhaustive minutes of searching on the part of the DJ, mixed effortlessly on beat by a program with innate skill coded into it. Masses of sweaty kids ranging from underage to just a little Too Old For This; alternately dancing and checking their phones to see if there is anything better going on. The most poignant scene in this: A young couple, her back to him, his hands in the air, eyes closed in revery as he grinds his groin into her ample and offered rear. She continues to shake it, face down at her cell phone, her eyes dull and illuminated by the screen as she texts someone who must surely be more important or interesting than her dance partner.

It was like this but less classy.

It was like this but not as classy.

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