Strange Or Die! New Monthly Strange Fiction Event


Is your normal, boring existence getting you down? Is there a lack of ichor and tentacles in your life? Were you disappointed when there wasn’t a secret message from the other side in your morning latte? Are you tired of literary events that don’t, not even once, mention aliens OR reptilians?

Have we got a show for you.

Join us at Volumes Bookcafe on Tuesday, October 18th, for an evening of strange presentations, including: readings, film, music, and always something you would never expect.

This event is free. A dizzying selection of beverages both caffeinated and alcoholic will be available for purchase at the cafe.

In the first incarnation of this monthly showcase we will be featuring:

A reading by:

-Anthony Cox-
Anthony is an experimental musician and photographer from the South Side of Chicago. He sometimes self-publishes weird fiction, essays on socialism, dreams, and film criticism as The Nightly Mirror.

Music and fiction by:

-Anthony A. Dunn-
Anthony is an artist & musician (Sun Splitter, Dead Dragon Mountain, Terran Wretch) based in Chicago born under a fell sign, cursed to walk this earth with an unquenchable thirst and dabbler in low brow prose.

A video presentation by:

-Nathan Godfried-

A test by Agency Field Agent:

-Frank Pollard-

A mysterious man contracted by The Agency to gather information on the population. To what ends remains unclear.

-Michael Allen Rose-

Michael is a Chicago based author, performer and musician. His books include “Party Wolves in my Skull” and “Boiled Americans.” He also releases music under the name Flood Damage, plays with NIN tribute band Now I’m Nothing and performs burlesque with his partner Sauda Namir. He likes cats more than people, and loves good tea and good beer.

A short film by:

-Timothy Troy-

Timothy has lived and breathed films as long as he can remember, and has been fascinated with monsters and horror movies for almost as long. He currently works in network television production and is pursuing a number of independent projects. He lives in Chicago with his wife and crazy little monster of a dog.


Check out the event page here:


Stay weird!

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